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Testing the market.

This past weekend I was in Los Angeles participating in the Unique LA market. I was there to sell my handmade jewelry. I figured this market would be the perfect place to test my sassy little greeting cards. I set up a table with 28 different cards and they were a success! I am so happy.

A few things I learned if you are selling greeting cards at markets.

1. People abuse them. Make sure you wrap them in plastic and leave just one card out for people to feel, touch and read. I called this card the sacrificial card because at the end of the market it was covered in finger prints, coffee stains and God only knows what else.

2. If your cards have writing on the inside you need a sign to let people know. everyone just looked at the outside and I had to tell them all to open the card up. The second day of the market I created a very large sign and this really helped.

3. If you have some vulgar humor in your cards like I do, make sure your cards are high enough to stay away from little fingers. It was amazing how many children wanted to grab my cards and I was panicking. No no no no no........as I raced over to pry them from their sticky little fingers. Parents who thought I was being over protective of my cards realized that I was actually saving them having to answer questions about the birds and the bees well before it was necessary. Nods of appreciation were sent my way.

Here is a picture of some of my cards at the market. only 17 more days to go until my official launch on June 1st 2018. Yipeeeeee!